System Policy

Integrated System Policy of Our Company

Kemerli Metal

We aim to continuously improve our system for sustainability of customer satisfaction and achieve the following goals in all of our operations based on our sensitivity towards the society, environment, customers, quality and employees and our promise for being accessible by the people;

To observe legal and legislative requirements,
To satisfy customer expectations by high-quality products in a timely manner,
To create customers loyal to our brand,
To be a prominent company in the international theatre as is the case in Turkey,
To contribute to popularization of quality awareness in the society,
To use the materials and technologies most compatible with environment in line with the manufacturing objectives,
To prevent loss of national wealth and unconscious consumption of resources
To improve satisfaction level of our customers by reducing the costs thanks to continuous improvements,
To be a pioneering enterprise for prevention of environmental pollution,
To conduct operations in a healthy and safe manner in order to protect health and well-being of our employees,
To minimize risks and prevent occupational accidents by implementing advanced technologies and methods,
To organize continuous training programmes for our employees and thus ensure their active participation in Integrated Management System,